Photo Gallery 9

The rock's daughter Andrea

The family's "rock" Joanie Sokol and her daughter Andrea above

My 80th
The newlyweds Corey and Carlos with
Uncle John and Aunt Monique in Maryland.

Sophia-Lili is two now, here with mom and dad

My Monique
My Monique

My grandson Martin John of Colorado on the SWAT team.

Alex and friend
Alex and friend

Grandmere with Max, Britt ,Blake and Jenna
Grandmere with Max, Britt, Blake and Jenna

Joanie and Dan
Joanie and Dan Sokol. Before Dan married my daughter, he
helped me build my fence. Thirty six years later they are
both still standing (as are Joanie and I).

Max and Blake in Rome Aug 08
Max and Blake in Rome, August 2008

Italy 2008

Italy 2008