Photo Gallery 6

Une jolie petite ferme en Algérie
A village near Bougie (where I was born), strangely reminiscent of Switzerland.
Many Swiss peasants were to settle in Algeria.

Switzerland with Ruth and Nanette

Hotel des Trois Renards
My parents' last stop in France

With Joan and Dan newlyweds
at Mirabelle farm, Christmas 1973
Dr. Jay's daughter Laurel

Leading the good life in Provence
Danielle, Denis, Monique Guy and Paule

My girls and moi

My parents and my nephew Eddie with my
brother Denis, in front of theCafé.

It was ancient even then, for it had the second oldest
bar license in Algiers going back to the 1860's.
But there I spend the first 20yrs of my life and there
I met the American G.I that would bring me to America.
It has been torn down since to be replaced by a girls school,
but it will live forever in my heart and in my book. -- Pierrette

Et voilá, Eddie qui a grandit...
My nephew Eddie all grown up who now lives in Marseille.

Sunday Speaker Series

Workshop/ book signing held at the Boca Raton Library, 2007

"Your genuine feelings for food, cooking and people
are evident from the moment you speak,
and you had us all in the palm of your hand."