Musings From The Past

Musings From The Past
by Pierrette L. Camps Komarek

Musings From The Past is a fascinating and true story about the life of a woman who knows the hardships of life as well as it's pleasure. It is also a repertoire of valuable advice for both parents and children.  Simple in presentation, but with hard hitting facts, Musing From The Past. provides the reader with both an understanding of a soon to be passe' way of life. It will also serve as a guide for raising children, a map for personal health, and a presentation of experienced advice for developing personal character.  More importantly , it is a story about survival, personal development and achieving the elusive "American dream." Do you want to know about personal fear, growing old, human instincts, health, compassion, responsibility, raising quality children, and individual aspiration? Just follow these pages to personal satisfaction.

James Elder
author of: Flatwoods And Lighterknots