This autobiography takes place in Algiers near the famed Casbah. The author's journey begins in the 1930' s where the cast of characters is comprised of Jews, Arabs and the mostly Latin French, who when exiled to France at Algeria's independence would be called "Pied Noir"

The book is filled with the heart and love for family and the friends that once lived in her neighborhood. Much of it is humorous, for as the author recalls, there was a joie de vivre in Bab-el-oued, where the bar was located. Something that she never found again in her well traveled life, unless, as she puts it she came into contact with people smoking strange looking home made cigarettes!

Towards the end of this powerful memoir, Pierrette touches upon the present conflict in the middle east, which makes her story timely, given the current situation between our Western and Muslim worlds. For she even finishes this story, with an unfortunately too accurate prediction as foretold by the Nobel prize winner Albert Camus, who as a young man, was a customer of Le Café de Cadix. It was there that the author was to meet her G.I husband during WW 2. They embarked together a new and unexpected course and that would bring her to America to start a new life.

Where to find Le Cafe de Cadix

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Praise for Le Café de Cadix

I believe Pierrette's memoir is an extraordinary read. from the wonderfully apt quotations that beguin every chapter to the picturesque descriptions of settings whose existence have been obliterated in a literal sense, to her trenchant comments, this book is complitely out of the ordinary. Apart from the remarkable life it chronicles, it shows an intelligence and understanding of people, of cultures, of politics that could teach the leaders of the western world lessons that might actually make it possible to improve the planet.

Buy this book, read this book, treasure it!

Joan L. Cannon
author of "Settling" by Publish America