Photo Gallery 7

Monique (The pianist) and Pierrette (The artist) in Maryland. Mars 2007

Rose Marie Antoinette Lambert, my mother as a young nurse

My children and I with the graduate, Monique


The twins, Monique and Dr Jay

Continuing the good times afterwards at Mo's graduation

Et voila' Granddmére at eighty,
had a great time with my family
And now please God, may it continue!!

with one of my favorite D.C.'s -- Dr. Denise

My great grandchildren
My great grandchildren

Michelle with Madisson, Stevie, C.J, Hunter and Shayne. ex le terrible
Michelle with Madisson, Stevie, C.J, Hunter and Shayne (ex le terrible)

The gang together

Making memories with their aunt Monique


My Irish gang, the Springlake N.J, 2000

My grandson Blake with the costume
I designed and made for him

With my friend Helen in Barnes, September 07

The one and only Maxwell "Max" Carroll
(and Blake's brother)

Tony and the girls
Tony and the girls